Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Tropical Biotope

Anubias Nana
Cabomba piauhyensis
Cabomba caroliniana
Aponogeton Ulvaceus
Cryptocoryne Balansae
Echinodorus Quadricostatus
Eleocharis Acicularis
Ludwigia Repens

Glofish (patented GM Danio rerio)
Symphysodon discus
and few Physa acuta Im trying to get rid off!
Bog, river rocks
Substrate- black silica sand
Light - 2 X 24 watts
CO2- Not supplied

Needs replanting, snail removal and hinding/ arranging equipments
   The boisterous   Glofish .
  Discus - got three of them.
     River rocks- and you can see the snails .
    Bogwood w/ Anubias  growing on them. I  snail treated anubias,  but  the eggs hatched soon. Time to  get rid of them with  cabbage leaf traps
The front glass has a convex curve, which makes photographing it so difficult,  they say.

    Feeding time- discus gets a block of bloodworms
Zebras  pound the  cube break and thaw it up for discus!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Photos- Devanand Pilai

They are the  among the  toughest  tropical FW fish to keep . They are  among the most expensive fish. They wont greet you like most fish do. They wont  swirl in joy when  you feed them. They wont splash a greeting when they see you. You just cant tame them.  Then, what makes discus so special?

Well, they are beautiful. No matter whether they are in the wild form or  come as bred variants. Is that all? Hell, no.  A well kept tank with content discus makes a statement about its aquarist- she/he  is an expert, who can   keep the tank in mint condition- discus in the tank is a big show off. Its a public statement of your expertise in managing the chemical balance of water, the vegetation, the  micro-organisms in there, the flora, the flooring,  the nitrogen cycle.    Its a statement  that you can do everything     WRT a  FW tank- perfectly.

If you are into aquascaping ,  I cant suggest anything better than a mix of boisterous lil ones like neon tetras and  a school of discus.  It  should present itself  like a  painting in you drawing room - redrawn every minute.